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A brow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at improving the position and appearance of the eyebrows. Over time, the natural aging process and other factors can cause the brow to droop or sag, resulting in a tired, angry, or aged appearance. A brow lift helps address these concerns by lifting and/or contouring the brow. The position of the brows and the upper eyelids are interconnected, and changes in one area can affect the appearance of the other. Therefore, combining a brow lift with eyelid surgery can offer comprehensive rejuvenation for the upper face. When performed together, these procedures can harmonize the aesthetic outcome, as the lifted brows create a refreshed and more open appearance, complementing the improvements achieved through eyelid surgery.


By combining these procedures, Dr. Abboud can customize the treatment plan to address both the brow position and the appearance of the upper eyelids, providing a more balanced and youthful look. During the procedure, Dr. Abboud lifts and repositions the underlying tissues and muscles, removes excess skin if necessary, and creates a more harmonious and rejuvenated facial contour. Brow lifts can be performed on their own or in combination with other eyelid and facial rejuvenation procedures, tailored to meet the unique goals and needs of each patient.


If you are considering a brow lift and would like to have an in-person consultation with Dr. Abboud to see if you are a candidate for browlift surgery, please contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more. 

Disclaimer: These are images of actual patients of Dr. Jean-Paul Abboud.  They are shown for informational purposes only and are provided with written patient consent for use on this website. Please do not copy or distribute images/videos.  Each individual’s treatment and/or results will vary, and no guarantee is stated or implied by any photo or statement used on this website.

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