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Almond Eye Procedure and Lower Eyelid Lift (Lateral Canthoplasty and Lower Retraction Repair)

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The attractive youthful eye typically has an almond-shaped appearance. The lateral canthus (the outer corner of the eye) is normally angled about 2 mm higher than the medial canthus (the inner corner of the eye). The lower eyelid normally rests just above the lower edge of the cornea (the clear structure in front of the pupil). Due to aging, genetics, or complications of prior eyelid surgery, the lateral canthus and the lower eyelid may droop with excessive “scleral show" (white area of the eye showing underneath the pupils). As such, the eye starts to appear more "rounded" and thus loses its youthful almond shape. The eyes may appear more droopy and sleepy.

This young man was bothered by the appearance of his eyes and his lower eyelids. His lateral canthi and his lower eyelids appeared to droop, giving him a sleepy look. This is called lateral canthal dystopia and lower eyelid retraction.

Eyelid Retraction and Lateral Canthoplasty (Almond Eye Surgery)

To enhance the appearance of the eyes, I performed a lateral canthoplasty to give an almond-shaped appearance to the eyes and to elevate the outer corner of the eye. I also performed a lower eyelid retraction repair by placing a soft collagen implant to lift the lower eyelid and reduce the scleral show. Placement of the implant was performed from inside the eyelid, which leaves no visible scars

Eyelid Retraction and Lateral Canthoplasty (Almond Eye Surgery)

Eyelid Retraction and Lateral Canthoplasty (Almond Eye Surgery)

The intra-operative photo below shows the difference in lower eyelid and lateral canthal height immediately after repair of the left side. Of note (and as seen in the photo), this procedure also helps allow better closure of the eyes during sleep.

Eyelid Retraction and Lateral Canthoplasty (Almond Eye Surgery)

▪️ Treatment: Lateral Canthoplasty and Lower Eyelid Retraction Repair with Placement of a Dermal Collagen Graft

▪️ Purpose: Almond Eye Appearance and Lower Eyelid Lift

▪️ Anesthesia: IV Sedation

▪️ Recovery/Downtime: 1-2 week(s)

▪️ Lasts: Several years to permanent

▪️ Pain Level: Varies - usually very mild

For more information about almond eye procedure, canthoplasty, and eyelid retraction repair, or to schedule a consultation, call us at 858.356.2647


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